2018 Convention

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The 2019 Annual Convention will be held November 8-9, 2019, at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

Actions of the 108th Annual Convention held October 26-27, 2018, at the Doubletree by Hilton Seattle Airport.

2019 Assessment Rate Reduction: Approved the recommendation of the Diocesan Council that the 2019 diocesan assessment rate factor be reduced from 15% to 14.5% of the Net Disposable Income (NDI).  

2020 Assessment Rate: Approved the recommendation of the Diocesan Council that the 2020 diocesan assessment rate factor be set at 14.5% of the Net Disposable Income (NDI).

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to Clergy Salary Scale for 2019: Set the Cost of Living Adjustment for 2019 parochial clergy salary scale at 3.3%.

Model Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth: Adopted the Model Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth, as approved by the Task Force to Update Sexual Misconduct Policies in accordance with resolutions of the 2015 General Convention. Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth

Model Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults: Adopted the Model Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults, as approved by the Task Force to Update Sexual Misconduct Policies in accordance with resolutions of the 2015 General Convention. Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Absurd Translation of the Nicene Creed: Requested the Office of the Bishop to communicate with the Standing Commission on Music and Liturgy, on behalf of this convention, requesting that the Standing Commission on Music and Liturgy consider the submitted analysis by Bishop William Choi, et al, of translation issues of the Nicene Creed, specifically into East Asian languages, as the Standing Commission updates liturgies.

Aligning Diocesan Fossil Fuel Divestment and Reinvestment with The Episcopal Church: Acknowledged Resolution C045, Call for Investing in Clean and Renewable Energy, which was passed by the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 2015; expressed support for the steps the Investment Committee of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church has taken to implement the divestment goals of Resolution C045; requested the Board of Directors to align the Diocese of Olympia’s investments with the provisions of Resolution C045 and to honor the provisions of Resolution #5, Divestment from Fossil Fuels, which was passed by the 103rd Convention of the Diocese of Olympia in 2013; exhorted the Board of Directors to fulfill its fiscal responsibilities while making this investment decision consistent with our Christian faith rather than making decisions solely to maximize financial profits regardless of the costs to God’s people and creation; and requested the Board of Directors to report annually on their progress in implementing these actions and principles, and that this report be submitted in writing to the Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia at least 90 days prior to each future diocesan convention until such time as the divestment from fossil fuels is complete, as defined in Resolution #5 passed by this Convention in 2013.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Discrimination: Ratified and joined in the work set forth by Resolution A109—Create Task Force on Sexual Harassment—of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church by declaring that “sexual harassment of adults by clergy, church employees, and church members are abuses of trust, a violation of the Baptismal Covenant, contrary to Christian Character, and are therefore wrong”; and called for establishment of a Diocesan Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, to be appointed by the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee, with preference given to those who have experience in dealing with harassment and its effects, such as psychologists/psychiatrists, medical doctors, employment lawyers, and HR professionals, and with the following duties:

  • To coordinate on a local level with The Episcopal Church Task Force on Sexual Harassment in its duty to “study, educate, develop curriculum, and propose and promulgate model policy and standards of conduct on different forms of harassment, and to advise the Church as resource persons”; and
  • To support and advise diocesan staff, if requested, in any planned development and/or updating of preventative education tools (including those contained in Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith training), standards for the continued care of those who have been affected, and guidelines for the appropriate response of ministry leaders; and
  • To report to the 109th Convention of the Diocese of Olympia on their findings and recommendations; and
  • To accompany that report with suggested appropriation of funds and expenditures to be included in the 2020 Diocesan Budget.

Recognition and Affirmation of the Inherent Dignity of Transgender and Nonbinary Persons as Beloved Children of God: Affirmed that all transgender and nonbinary people, and anyone whose gender identity and expression differs from that assigned at birth, are beloved children of God and are to be treated with equal rights and privileges as other human beings; expressed opposition to any legislation or public policy that defines sex and/or gender on the basis of physical appearance of external genitalia present at birth or presence of certain chromosomes within a person’s DNA; encouraged educational, pastoral, liturgical, and legislative efforts that seek to end systemic violence against transgender people, calling special attention to violence against transgender women of color; and requested that the Secretary of Convention convey this resolution to appropriate state and federal legislative bodies.

2019 Operating Budget: Ratified the 2019 diocesan operating budget as adopted by the Diocesan Council.  

Board of Directors: the Rev. Christina Jillard, St. Margaret, Bellevue; Jeff Maxwell, St. Aidan, Camano Island, and Vicki Setzer, All Saints, Vancouver.

Commission on Ministry: the Rev. Karen Haig, St. Barnabas, Bainbridge Island; Mary Lyons, St. Stephen, Longview; and Pat McGuire, St. Bede, Port Orchard.

Personnel Commission: Linda Bruen, St. Margaret, Bellevue; the Rev. Jennifer King Daugherty, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle; and the Rev. Sabeth Fitzgibbons, St. Hilda-St. Patrick, Edmonds (chair).

Board of Examining Chaplains: the Rev. Missy Couch, St. John, Kirkland.

Disciplinary Board: Mac Brown, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle; Sarah Mac, Trinity Church, Everett; and the Rev. Katherine Sedwick, St. Michael, Issaquah.

Church Attorneys: Marvin L Gray, Jr., Church of the Ascension, Seattle; and Douglas Oles, Epiphany Parish of Seattle.

Standing Committee: the Rev. Steve Danzey, Good Samaritan, Sammamish; and Charla Conner, All Saints, Tacoma.

Diocesan Council: the Rev. Joseph Scheeler, All Saints, Vancouver; Heather Irwin, Holy Cross, Redmond; the Rev. Canon Nancy Ross, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle; Sharon Kay Radar, St. Hilda-St. Patrick, Edmonds; the Rev. Diane Ramerman, Christ Church Anacortes; and Jeff Zahir, St. Benedict, Lacey.

Officers of the Convention: Diane Wells, Archivist & Records Manager; Karen Gusse, Secretary of Convention; Barbara Fox, St. John, Kirkland, Treasurer; and Carle Griffin, Historiographer.

Preaching Award: Aaron Scott, Chaplains on the Harbor and diocesan Missioner for Anti-Poverty Organizing.

Ky Chen Employee Excellence: Kathryn Chamberlain, Christ Church, Seattle; Kris Lawless, St. Luke-San Lucas, Vancouver.

Bishop’s Cross: Page Eney, St. John, Kirkland; Mary O Haller, Good Shepherd, Federal Way.

Ordinations to the Diaconate
•    Emily Colleen Meacham Austin
•    Michelle Allen “Missy” Couch
•    Elizabeth Helen Van Dyke
•    Barbra L. Weza

Agenda for the 2018 Convention

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Diocesan Canonically Resident Clergy - October 2018

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List of delegates and alternates from each church

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Vision statement for the Diocese

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D.2 2018 Resolutions Committee Report to Convention includes resolutions received by the September 11, 45-day-before-convention canonical deadline.

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Diocesan Courtesy Resolutions

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Report from the Constitution and Canons Committee

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The Diocesan Council (DC) is the convention in recess. It has responsibility to oversee the budget and program goals of the Diocese, and to carry out the priorities adopted by convention.

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The Board of Directors of the Diocese of Olympia, Inc. (the “Diocese”) has legal and fiduciary responsibility for the assets of the diocese, including land, buildings, endowments and other funds. It is the mission of the Board to manage these assets to further God’s work in this diocese, both now and in the future.

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The Board of Directors of the Diocese of Olympia, Inc., recognizes its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders in the James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund (DIF) to be a shareholder advocate of positive investment by the DIF in renewable energies.  As a result, the Board agreed to commission a study of the carbon footprint of DIF investments, and the results of that study are attached in an executive, annotated report.

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This report reflects the actions of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Olympia from October 2017 through October 2018

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The focus for the Commission in 2018 was to update the diocesan staff personnel manual, and then to turn that manual into a Personnel Manual Template for congregations.

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A summary of the work of the Commission on Ministry over the last year.

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