Board of Directors

Policy of the Board of Directors regarding Construction by Mission Congregations.
Policy of the Board of Directors regarding Distribution of Unrestricted Gifts and Bequests.
Topics for priest in charge of congregation to address in interview with Canon to the Ordinary
Annual congregation income and expenses for mission development loan
Congregational assets and liabilities for mission funding loans
Loan Application from the Board of Directors for Mission Development Funds
Outline of loan request procedure for congregations
Diocese of Olympia Board of Directors Motion for Loan Application
Board of Director's policy on mission bank accounts, legal agreements and securities transactions
Review procedure for assessing under-performing loans to congregations
Diocese of Olympia policy for closing a church
The following guidelines, objectives and restrictions have been recommended by the INVESTMENT COMMITTEE to establish parameters for the investment management of the THE JAMES F. HODGES DIOCESAN...
A Statement on Fossil Fuel Divestment
This policy governs all endowment funds, term endowments and permanent funds owned by the Diocese of Olympia, Inc., excluding funds held by its mission congregations or by other Diocesan organizations...
Procedure for Documentation of Sale or Other Disposable of Moveable Assets by Missions of Diocesan Organizations. rocedure for Documentation of Sale or Other Disposal of Movable Assets by Missions or...
The Canons and Constitution of the Diocese of Olympia describe various approvals required for certain financial transactions in congregations, including property transactions (buying, selling...
Amended bylaws of the Diocese of Olympia, adopted Nov. 20, 2014