The planning form for an upcoming Bishop's Visitation.

Bishop Rickel's 10 Rules for Respect.

Recommendations and clarifications by The Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) in regards to pastoral counseling

Requirements for parishes and missions in transactions with the Board of Directors

Diocesan policy regarding email, internet and social media use by church employees.

This policy was adopted by Diocesan Convention in 2016 and becomes effective January 1, 2017. It is to be added to all new letters of agreement and hire agreements. It also needs to be added retroactively to existing letters of agreement and hire agreements with existing eligible employees, both clergy and lay.

This document describes the lobbying rules for churches.

Covers the basics and best practices of the Washington State Paid Sick Leave law and the City of Seattle Paid Sick Leave & Safe Time ordinance. Includes example policies.

Guidelines used by the requesting mission and the reviewing committee appointed by the Office of the Bishop

Template created by the diocesan Personnel Commission for use by congregations in creating or updating the Congregation Personnel Handbook. A Word version is available by request.

Categories: Congregations

Guidelines for counseling centers connected to congregations.

Requirements for Acceptable Use by Users/Renters of Church Property.

The visitation customary is designed to help plan for the visit of the Bishops.

The following documents are available for preparation of a Bishop's Visitation in the Diocese of Olympia. Please note that the Planning Form, Readings, and Letters should be sent to the Office of the Bishop 30 days prior to your Visitation.

Contact the Executive Assistant to the Bishop with any questions: or 206-325-4200 x. 2010.