Diocesan Convention

The 113th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia will be held virtually October 28, 2023.

The 112th Convention Summary (2022)

Clergy Compensation Report
Commission on Personnel Final Report on 2021 Resolution #6
Convention Committees and Commissions
Courtesy Resolutions
Nominations Tally Sheet
Nominations short form for Diocesan Offices
Report of the Nominations Committee
Information from the Nominations Committee on Diocesan Offices
Guide to provide Convention members with practical information concerning the Convention and how it functions
Special rules of conduct for virtual convention (2023)
How to vote and debate for virtual convention (2023)
Report from the Standing Committee
Report from the Committee on Constitutions and Canons
Canonically resident clergy as of October 11, 2023
Clergy and staff transitions in the diocese since the last convention.
The 2024 Full Budget for the Diocese of Olympia.
The 2024 Narrative Budget for the Diocese.