This page is a resource for clergy celebrating and blessing marriage. Information on remarriage petitions, as well as policies and liturgies on same-sex marriage can be found here.

Clergy not resident in the Diocese of Olympia must seek permission from Bishop Rickel before performing rites in the diocese. A request should be made in writing no less than 60 days before the rites are to take place.

If you are seeking to officiate in a congregation in which you do not hold a cure, you must first seek permission, in writing, from the clergy person in charge of the congregation before seeking permission to officiate from Office of the Bishop.

Bishop's January 18, 2013 pastoral letter on same sex blessings

Policy on Same Sex Blessings in the Diocese of Olympia

I Will Bless You, formerly known as A049 as passed at General Convention 2012

Sample Marriage Celebration Agreement

Petition guidelines for remarriage

A Rite for the Celebration and Blessing of a Holy Union (Option 1)

The Celebration and Blessing of a Covenant Relationship (Option 2)