This is a collection of documents and resources for clergy from the Office of the Bishop. The Clergy Transitions site has information on clergy deployment and vacancies within the diocese.

This is the document for liturgical resources for marriage that was presented to the 79th General Convention in 2018. It includes liturgies, guidelines, and recommendations for use in same-sex wedding ceremonies. The link for this is HERE.

Here are the basic steps for approval if you wish to officiate at a wedding in the Diocese of Olympia and are not licensed or canonically resident.

Requests should be made at least 60 days prior to the proposed wedding date.

Petition guidelines for remarriage

Bishop's January 18, 2013 pastoral letter on same sex blessings

The planning form for an upcoming Bishop's Visitation.

A checklist of items necessary for a successful Visitation by the Bishop.

Bishop's Visitation Form for Confirmands and Receptions.

Recommendations and clarifications by The Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) in regards to pastoral counseling

Checklist for clergy with regards to appropriate use of church property

Policy on clergy discretionary accounts

Clergy Handbook for the Diocese

An orientation guide for clergy in the Diocese of Olympia, with links to resources.

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Report on the results of the clergy wellness survey for 2020

Suggestions for topics in a letter to the Bishop from Confirmands prior to the Bishop's Visitation.

Document to assist congregations in reviewing and/or establishing bylaws.

Covid-19 Vaccination Policies adopted by Diocesan Council, June 24, 2021

The role of the deacon in the Eucharist and various other special liturgies

Policy on Same Sex Blessings in the Diocese of Olympia

This is the draft schedule for the Clergy Retreat May 2nd -May 5th.

 Schedule is subject to change. 

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A short summary of the duties and responsibilities for a senior and junior warden of a chuch. The information is from the Vestry Resource Guide, revised by Nancy Davidge, editor, and Susan Elliott, writer —A Project of The Episcopal Church Foundation (