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2017 Parochial Clergy compensation based on congregational grade.

To: The Right Reverend Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop of Olympia
In accordance with the national canons: Canon III, 7b states: “Deacons shall report annually to the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee on their life and work.”

Please submit this form no later than March 1, 2016

The planning form for an upcoming bishop's visitation.

A checklist of items necessary for a successful visitation by the bishop.

Bishop's Visitation Form for Confirmands and Receptions.

May 7 - 10, 2017
Shilo Inn, Ocean Shores, WA


Online Registration for the CADO Conference has closed. If you plan to attend and have not yet registered, please contact The Ven. Gen Grewell, Archdeacon at or 360-280-5593.


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Categories: Clergy Forms, Clergy

View the full schedule for the 2017 CADO Clergy Conference, to take place May 7-10 at Shilo Inn, Ocean Shores.

Categories: Clergy Forms, Clergy

Recommendations and clarifications by The Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) in regards to pastoral counseling

Checklist for clergy with regards to appropriate use of church property

Policy on clergy discretionary accounts

Clergy Handbook for the Diocese

Suggestions for topics in a letter to the bishop from confirmands prior to the bishop's visitation

Document to assist congregations in reviewing and/or establishing bylaws.

The role of the deacon in the Eucharist and various other special liturgies

Expectations for clergy who serve or wish to serve in the Diocese of Olympia

I Will Bless You, formerly known as A049 as passed at General Convention 2012