2023 Supply Clergy Compensation Rates

The supply clergy compensation rates for 2023 are as follows:

Sunday/primary liturgy* with preaching: One liturgy $297.59; additional consecutive liturgies $67.73 each.​

Sunday/primary liturgy* without preaching: One liturgy $175.17; additional consecutive liturgies $67.73 each.

Weekday/evening liturgy: $115.57

*Sunday/primary liturgy includes liturgies falling on other days that require significant preparation and duties, such as Christmas, Holy Week liturgies, parish feast days, significant Saturday or Sunday evening liturgies. Congregations and supply clergy should clarify for such liturgies when making an agreement for service.

Educational/Pastoral Duties (preparation and performance) minimum per hour: $34.61.

  • Standard IRS business mileage rates and direct transportation costs, such as ferries, etc. shall be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement for lodging and meals must be negotiated in advance.
  • Negotiation of rates below this minimum under special circumstances requires approval of the Bishop.
  • These are minimum standards. Supply clergy and congregations may negotiate a higher compensation rate.
  • Nothing herein precludes supply clergy from donating their services.
  • Rate changes shall be tied to the annual COLA (8.7% in 2023 reflected above).


For additional questions please contact the Canon to the Ordinary, or 206.325.4200 ext. 2040.