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2018 Diocesan Convention

The Diocese of Olympia Convention meets annually to conduct the business of the diocese. It elects to diocesan offices; ratifies a budget; sets assessment levels; admits congregations as missions or parishes; votes on resolutions; elects a General Convention deputation; and hears the bishop’s annual address. Clergy and elected delegates from congregations attend. Convention information is distributed via newsletter and and on the 2018 Convention webpage.

Immigration Advocacy Resource Guide

A list of government officials and agency contact information for immigrant and refugee advocacy (June 2018).

2018 Mission Grant application To support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Diocese of Olympia

Do you have a parish-based partnership in a developing country somewhere around the world? Funds are available to assist you in that ministry through our Diocesan Mission Grants program.

  • God meets us where we are, using our specific gifts and talents for a divine purpose within our current circumstances. However, we're also called to grow out of our comfort zones.

    October 1-5, the Diocese of Olympia's Office of the Bishop is pleased to present "Size to Size: Strength to Strength" - a conference that explores what it means to be faithful, healthy, and effective in your church's current, local context and help you discern if God is calling your congregation to grow...

  • Overview of Healthcare enrollment