Congregational Finance & Business

This section contains information on assessments, health insurance and benefits, financial documents for churches, human resources information and salaries and compensation for clergy. The topics on the left are in subcategories for easier search.
In March 2022, the Diocesan Council, upon recommendation of the diocesan Personnel Commission, froze congregation grades at 2022 levels through at least the end of 2023. Congregational grades for 2023...
The 2019 final audited 2019 James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund (DIF) Report.
Planning guide for church earthquake preparedness.
For more information, please visit:
Donation Processing Policy through our online giving portal.
Instructions for completing the Net Disposable Income (NDI) forms for 2022.
Congregational grades for 2021 for parishes and missions. This refers to the congregation grade for churches which helps to determine clergy compensation and assessment values. The congregational...
Donations can now be made to individual churches through the main Diocese of Olympia giving account. The diocese will manage sending each church whatever funds are donated to them along with a report...
The 2015 final audited 2105 James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund Report.
The 2018 final audited 2018 James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund (DIF) Report.
Word file for the simple financial church audit
The supply clergy compensation rates for 2024 are as follows: Sunday/primary liturgy* with preaching: One liturgy $311.27; additional consecutive liturgies $70.84 each. ​ Sunday/primary liturgy*...
The 2017 final audited 2017 James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund (DIF) Report.
The following guidelines, objectives and restrictions have been recommended by the INVESTMENT COMMITTEE to establish parameters for the investment management of the THE JAMES F. HODGES DIOCESAN...
Due by June 15 An annual financial audit is a canonical requirement of The Episcopal Church. Title 1, Canon 7, Sec. 1(f)-(g): (f) All accounts of the Diocese shall be audited annually by an...
The 2016 final audited 2106 James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund Report.
Annual report for accounting of diaconal/priestly activity during a calendar year can be found HERE.
The Episcopal Church has adopted “Five Marks of Mission” to guide the work of its congregations. The marks are: To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom; To teach, baptize and nurture new believers...
In an effort to help existing congregations think about and plan for financial stability and sustainability, here are some questions for congregational leaders to ask during their long-range planning...
Info for Vestry/Bishop's Committee, Treasurers
Diocesan policy on unpaid assessments
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has specific guidelines that define SmallEmployers and who to consider as an employee.
Medicare Secondary Payer - Small Employer Exception Eligibility Certification Form
Medicare Secondary Payer - Small Employer Exception
Risk Management Inventory. A workbook for doing your inventory.
For declination to participate on Diocesan health insurance benefits.
Explanation of the Clergy Pension Plan.
Church Insurance Company of Vermont contact information, including certificate of insurance request form.
Report for retired and non parochial clergy listing services that have officiating at during the year
Form for submitting clergy housing allowance requests.
2022 Mileage Reimbursement Rates The IRS reimbursement rate for business miles is 58.5 cents/mile The IRS reimbursement rate for volunteer miles remains at 14 cents/mile
A document on how to discuss clergy compensation with the vestry or bishop's committee and wardens.
Mutual ministry agreements between the vestry/BC and clergy regarding roles and responsibilities.
Business Methods in Church Affairs (link to the main Episcopal church website). Updated Dec., 2019. Manual de Métodos Comerciales en Asuntos de la Iglesia ( enlace al sitio web de la iglesia episcopal...
This manual is not online. For further information or questions, please contact the Canon to the Ordinary.