Planning guide for church earthquake preparedness.
Form to be filled out by employee as proof of childhood immunizations
Form to be filled out by health care provider for proof of childhood immunizations
The following job description is for Parishes only, not for Missions. If you are part of a Parish or Mission and would like to be connected with the Diocesan Chancellor, please contact the Bishop and...
In February 2020 the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church (TEC) adopted a Model DFMS (Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society) Vaccination Policy for Youth Events, and encouraged dioceses and...
Provides a narrative overview of the diocesan governing bodies and the role of each.
The Canons and Constitution of the Diocese of Olympia describe various approvals required for certain financial transactions in congregations, including property transactions (buying, selling...
Assessment Review Task Force interviews with congregations in the Diocese of Olympia
Assessment Review Task Force sample form for net operating expenses for assessment
Assessment Review Task Force comparison of assessment methods
Assessment Review Task Force congregation assessment profile
Assessment Review Task Force assessment history by size of congregations
Assessment Review Task Force interviews with other dioceses regarding their assessment policy
Report to the Bishop and Diocesan Council – Part One Assessment Review Task Force
Governance chart for the Diocese of Olympia
These guidelines are for use by the requesting mission and the reviewing committee appointed by the Office of the Bishop