The Bishop’s Committee for the Environment (BCE) is offering small green grants to support churches in this work. Perhaps replacing worn insulation around doors and windows would save energy or drip irrigation would save water in a garden area. Green Grants will match church costs up to $750 for successful applicants.

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Once again, the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment (BCE) is offering small matching grants for projects that reduce energy or water use at churches. The BCE will match church spending on these projects up to $750. Over 50% of the BCE budget is used to match church spending on these projects.

Categories: Environment, Grants

Our environment (God’s Creation) has been damaged by human activity, particularly by over-use and misuse of fossil resources. The damage we have done is still reversible, but may become irreversible during our lifetime. Environmental damage has led to climate change, which effects the poorest parts of the world most, leading to increased poverty and displacement. The damage also leads to more violence as people fight over increasingly scarce resources. What can we as Christians do to help heal creation?

The Genesis Covenant is an invitation to every community of faith to take action to reverse global warming.

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