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Creating a will is a simple and effective way to protect the people and faith community you love, and steward the resources God has blessed you with. If you do not have an up-to-date plan in place, you can create your legal will for free using this trusted resource from our partners at FreeWill, which makes it simple to start your legacy with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia in a few minutes online. If you would prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, you can also save time with your lawyer by using FreeWill to document your wishes first.

Have you already created a gift in your will to the Diocese of Olympia? Please fill out this form to let us know so we can express our gratitude and update our records accordingly.

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NOTE: There is a new giving option "Give to a Church" where you can donate to any church of your choice in the Diocese of Olympia. To ensure proper credit, make sure to enter the Name and City of the church where specified.


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