An Annual Earth Day Pledge for Stewardship of Creation

Our environment (God’s Creation) has been damaged by human activity, particularly by over-use and misuse of fossil resources. The damage we have done is still reversible, but may become irreversible during our lifetime. Environmental damage has led to climate change, which effects the poorest parts of the world most, leading to increased poverty and displacement. The damage also leads to more violence as people fight over increasingly scarce resources. What can we as Christians do to help heal creation?

Every congregation is asked to consider doing a pledge drive for the stewardship of creation.  The intent is to encourage every individual to acknowledge how they might be contributing to damaging creation, and commit to changes in behavior that would lead to healing of creation through decreased energy use and carbon offsets.

We request that you do the pledge drive as a lead up to an Earth Day celebration on the Sunday preceding or following Earth Day.  Earth Day is on April 22. The pledge form below (or something like it) could be used for pledges for stewardship of creation. We request that you gather the pledges and then tally the total reduction of carbon footprint that results from all of the individual commitments.  Then, we ask that you forward your tally to the Diocese at, so that we can tally the effect of all of the commitments within the Diocese.

We also request that the Parish or Mission evaluate church buildings and make a similar pledge.



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