Congregational Leadership Report

Once your congregation has held its annual meeting, please submit your 2024 Congregational Leadership Report by completing the form linked below:

Congregational Leadership Report

Deadline: Reports are due on March 15.

Questions? Contact Matt Koski, Resource Coordinator, at or 206.325.4200 x.2015.

Please read the important guidelines below before submitting your delegates and alternates.

Delegates & Alternates to Diocesan Convention (October 25, 2024 - In Person)

Number of delegates - and is recommended, an equal number of alternates - is based on Communicant strength (number in box above) in accordance with the following schedule (Canon 2.1).

  • Any number not over 200 (2 delegates, 2 alternates)
  • 201-400 (4 delegates, 4 alternates)
  • 401-600 (6 delegates, 6 alternates)
  • 601-900 (8 delegates, 8 alternates)
  • 901-1200 (10 delegates,10 alternates)
  • Over 1200 (12 delegates, 12 alternates)

Elected delegates and alternates need to be available to attend Diocesan Convention on October 25, 2024. The final date to make changes to a delegation that has already been submitted is September 25, 2024 (30 days before Convention), and requires minutes of the Vestry or Bishop’s Committee approving the election of any new members of the delegation.

Alternate Certification forms must be submitted to no later than October 15. Thereafter, the Rector/Vicar/Priest-in-Charge should bring the form(s) with them to convention for certification.

Delegate Chairperson
Delegate Chairperson: Please indicate which of your delegates will be the chairperson of the delegation. This person should ensure their delegation is receiving Convention notifications from the Diocese, and will serve as the contact person for their congregation at Convention.

As a diocese, we value and strive to be inclusive. Our goal is to include all who feel called and have been elected from congregations. Please tell us if a member of your delegation will need an accommodation, and, if known, what their preference would be. This could include accommodations related to vision, hearing, mobility, and more. Please include the person’s name and best method of contact so that we can follow up directly with them. While we will ask for confirmation of needs during the registration process later this year, gathering information now allows us to plan and budget. Please notify of any accommodation requests our office should be aware of prior to Convention.


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