This is a collection of documents and resources for clergy from the Office of the Bishop. The Clergy Transitions site has information on clergy deployment and vacancies within the diocese.

Covid-19 Vaccination Policies adopted by Diocesan Council, June 24, 2021

The role of the deacon in the Eucharist and various other special liturgies

Policy on Same Sex Blessings in the Diocese of Olympia

This is the draft schedule for the Clergy Retreat May 2nd -May 5th.

 Schedule is subject to change. 

Categories: Clergy

A short summary of the duties and responsibilities for a senior and junior warden of a chuch. The information is from the Vestry Resource Guide, revised by Nancy Davidge, editor, and Susan Elliott, writer —A Project of The Episcopal Church Foundation (

Diocesan policy regarding email, internet and social media use by church employees.

Expectations for clergy who serve or wish to serve in the Diocese of Olympia

I Will Bless You, formerly known as A049 as passed at General Convention 2012

Immunization Policies adopted by Diocesan Council, June 24, 2021

A sample letter of agreement between a deacon, the bishop and the assigned church.

Sample Marriage Celebration Agreement

Guidelines used by the requesting mission and the reviewing committee appointed by the Office of the Bishop

This is the 2022 Parochial Clergy compensation schedule passed at convention. This document outlines clergy compensation based on congregational grade.

Guidelines for counseling centers connected to congregations.

Este es un documento de recursos para el proceso de transición del clero.

Guidelines for reopening Diocesan House due to Covid-19

A Rite for the Celebration and Blessing of a Holy Union (Option 1)

Un rito para la celebración y bendición de una santa unión (Opción 1)