Policy for alcohol and alcoholic beverages at church functions

Form to be filled out by health care provider for proof of childhood immunizations

Best practices for conducting a Virtual Annual Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions

Request for an updated clergy background check.

The purpose of this paper is to present a roadmap for churches and faith organizations to prepare for and respond to potential cybersecurity and data recovery issues that may arise for themselves and their organizations.

Suggested Diocesan Pastoral Care Polices and Procedures Guidelines

Slide deck from the webinar Regathering Considered: Legalities and Practicalities, dealing with the coronavirus and re-opening church buildings. Webinar held on June 10, 2020.

Other Resources:

Slide Deck: PDF can be found at the bottom of this page.

Policy of the Board of Directors regarding Distribution of Unrestricted Gifts and Bequests.

Diocesan policy regarding email, internet and social media use by church employees.

Renewal Application for Lay Eucharistic Minister

Diocesan policy on Eucharistic Visitors, also known as the Two by Two visitation policy.

Guidelines for Conducting a Virtual Annual Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions

In February 2020 the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church (TEC) adopted a Model DFMS (Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society) Vaccination Policy for Youth Events, and encouraged dioceses and Episcopal Institutions to adapt it locally. Our Diocesan Council established a task group to adapt this into a diocesan policy, which was approved at the July council meeting.

Background checks are required for paid employees and those who work regularly with youth or children at congregations. An updated background check should be conducted every five years.

Policy of the Board of Directors regarding Construction by Mission Congregations.

Renewal Application for Preacher's License

Form to be filled out by employee as proof of childhood immunizations