Lay Employee Background Checks

Background checks are required for paid employees and those who work regularly with youth or children at congregations. An updated background check should be conducted every five years.

If you are a small-sized congregation and are unable to obtain an account with an authorized background check provider due to financial constaints, the Office of the Bishop is able to assist you. Please use THIS FORM to have an Intellicorp background check performed on paid employees and those who work regularly with youth or children at your congregation.

Please note that only the Rector/Vicar/Priest-in-Charge, Adminstrator, or Sr. Warden may initiate the request. Each background check typically costs between $17-$23. The employee will need to pay for their background check with a debit or credit card. The congregation should arrange a reimbursement to them if needed.

Once your request has been received, the individual on whom the background check is to be conducted will receive an Authorization form directly from Intellicorp. Once the Authorization form is submitted, the background check will take 1-3 business days to complete. Upon completion, the congregation/requester will receive a letter from our office verifying the results of the background check. The individual on whom the background check was performed may also provide a copy of the report to the congregation themselves. 

The Intellicorp background check may not be used for clergy. Such a check is done by the Office of the Bishop using the Oxford Document Management Company, Inc. To initiate such an Oxford background check for a clergy member at your congregation, please fill out this form.

While the Office of the Bishop is set up through Intellicorp to run background checks for congregations, this should not prohibit congregations from running their own background checks through their own accounts, if able.