Confirmand Letter Ideas

Description and Ideas for the Letter to the Bishops

During Bishop visitations, we quite often have the great honor and privilege of Confirming, Receiving, and presiding over the Reaffirmation of Baptismal vows. As you will see in the visitation customary, we expect to have a meeting with all who will be participating in these sacramental acts. In most cases these meetings are quite brief and do not afford much chance for us to get to know the very interesting people you have spent so much time with and know so well.

With that in mind, we are now requesting that each person who will present themselves to us upon our visitation write us a letter prior to our arrival. We would like to have this letter at least one month before the date of our visitation. The questions below are simply suggestions to stir up thought. If you think of some better ones, do let us know!

At this time we are asking that Letters be emailed to the Bishop's Assistant at

Include your full name, congregation, city, and date of confirmation at the top of the letter.

Suggestions for the letter:
1. Tell us a bit about your spiritual journey, what brings you to this day?
2. Why the Episcopal Church?
3. What was one of the most interesting things you have learned during your preparation?
4. What is one thing that still concerns you, baffles you, makes you wonder about this tradition?
5. When we are with you, what is one question or issue you would like us to address in our brief time together.

Please include the church name and date of the visitation in the letter.

As stated these are simply suggestions. Please write the letter as you would like but do write one. We would like to know more about you! And, we look forward to being with you. Congratulations on this very significant step on your spiritual journey.