Ember Day Letters

Quarterly letters written to the bishop which provide an opportunity for reflection about academic, personal, and spiritual experiences. They are required for all postulants and candidates.

WHO writes Ember Day Letters?
Postulants, candidates, transitional deacons and curates.

WHAT an Ember Letter SHOULD include:
A total of 1-2 pages in length:
1-2 paragraphs on what is happening in your life; what you are doing, learning. 1-2 paragraphs of reflections on what is going on within you --
How you are changing, growing, learning developing into a priestly/diaconal person.

WHAT an Ember Letter should NOT include: Questions or information that relate directly to the process. These should be directed to your liaison and/or the Secretary for Vocations.

WHEN Ember Letters are Due:
Four (4) times a year at the Ember seasons:
The Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday after St. Lucy's Day (Dec. 13), Ash Wednesday, the Day of Pentecost, and Holy Cross Day (Sept. 14).

WHERE Ember Letters can be sent:
These must be sent to emberletters@ecww.org. Emails should have your name and the season and year in the subject line (for example John Smith Pentecost 2010).

WHY write Ember Letters?
So that your Bishop can develop a deeper relationship with you and have a clearer sense of who you are and how your discernment and formation process is going.

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