Bishop's Society Registration Form

Have you made provisions in your estate plans to include a bequest to your congregation, the Diocese, or any Episcopal Institution?  If so, you qualify to be a member of the Diocese of Olympia's Bishop's Society. Anyone who has made arrangements for a legacy gift to their church or any Episcopal ministry qualifies.

The diocese is well known for its diocesan wide planned giving ministry, anchored by the Bishop’s Society, started in 1993, to thank anyone who has made arrangements for an estate gift to their church or any Episcopal ministry. The Society is the largest in the Episcopal Church and many congregations have started their own legacy societies at the local level.

Training and resources are available to develop planned giving ministry at the local, congregation level, with model documents for setting up an endowment and many resources creating opportunities to church members for legacy giving to fund future mission and ministry.

The Diocesan Life Planning Manual is valuable tool to help us as Christians get our affairs in order so we don’t leave a mess for our loved ones when we die.  The Stewardship office offers the free service of receiving stock transfers which can be distributed to any congregation or Episcopal ministry or program.

Click below for the Signup form for Diocese of Olympia Bishop's Society.

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