2021 Green Grant Application

Once again, the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment (BCE) is offering small matching grants for projects that reduce energy or water use at churches. The BCE will match church spending on these projects up to $750. Over 50% of the BCE budget is used to match church spending on these projects.

Where to start? How about with reopening and soon! As you look around your church and grounds with fresh eyes, you may see some things that need attention. A new hand washing station may be needed. Doors may need new weatherstripping or a leaky window may need replacing. Perhaps a part of the garden is overgrown, and it’s time to replace old plants with plants that are native to our region and need less water. Or is it finally time to put in a drip system? You’ve read that programmable thermostats and occupancy monitors can really save energy costs and that they are easily installed.

Over the past few years, Green Grants have helped replace old windows with energy efficient double panes, funded improvements to HVAC systems, replaced old appliances with energy star appliances, built garden boxes, and started a garden for immigrant children. Small projects, yes, but they have met real needs. Over 10 years, the Green Grants have help inspire churches to take on 58 projects totaling over $300,000 of improvements in their facilities.

Let’s continue the good work. Find the application below and submit by July 1!

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