Stewardship & Giving

The Stewardship and Development Office provides resources to congregations around year round stewardship, annual campaigns, and planned giving. The focus is on a theology of abundance, understanding that all we have are gifts from God, so Christian Stewardship is our reflection of giving back to God in gratitude for all that has been given to us.

The diocesan stewardship program operates on a holistic approach, with resources and efforts aimed at the Four Fields of Giving: Annual Giving; Legacy Giving; Capital Giving; Mission Giving. Stewardship of the environment and year round stewardship are also emphasized in partnership with other program groups in the diocese.

Stewardship is key to congregational development, it is not just about money, but about integrating stewardship into one’s life as a Christian, giving back to God from all the gifts God has given to us.

The Genesis Covenant is an invitation to every community of faith to take action to reverse global warming.

Donations can now be made to individual churches through the main Diocese of Olympia giving account. The diocese will manage sending each church whatever funds are donated to them along with a report of giver, amount, designation information and date of transaction.

Below are the list of churches and their links. Copy the particular giving link and use this on your website, email notifications, brochures, etc. to allow people to donate to your faith community.

How to begin creating a green congregation

Chart showing giving % at various income levels combined with a sample pledge card

Tips on cleaning materials for greening your kitchen

Tips on using dishes and napkins to promote a greener church kitchen

Food choice tips for greening your church kitchen

Tips on handling leftovers and kitchen waste to promote a greener church kitchen

Time saving tips on greening your church kitchen

Planning for your congregation's Legacy Society

Life Planning Manual created by the Stewardship and Development Office of the Diocese of Olympia

Donation Processing Policy through our online giving portal.

Guidelines for personal stewardship witness story

List of 10 reasons for tithing

Brochure with the six steps for christian giving

A collection of resources for the Feast of St. Francis.

This resource was created from a workshop given by Archbishop Douglas Hambidge addressing stewardship conversations in parish life.  “There is a danger in talking about stewardship – we have so much to unlearn. All too often the mention of stewardship is a prelude to a budget presentation – a deficit – a campaign for pledges.”  This resource gives a path and language to speak about stewardship and giving from a perspective of abundance.  


Slide deck from Bishop Rickel's afternoon April 28, 2020 webinar on stewardship.

Bullet points about what stewardship is.

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Suggestions for effective stewardship

Categories: Stewardship & Giving

Talking points on stewardship

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Quotes from the Bible and others about stewardship.

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Small stewardship-related snippets reflecting the Sunday readings for use in Sunday bulletins.