Office of the Bishop

The Office of Bishop oversees the pastoral, administrative, and programmatic oversight for the diocese. This office coordinates all schedules for the Bishop including Sunday and weekly visitations. The topics on the left are in subcategories for easier search.

Guidelines used by the requesting mission and the reviewing committee appointed by the Office of the Bishop

Issued January 2, 2019

A printable PDF version of Bishop Rickel's Pastoral Letter on the Suspension of the Statute of Limitations for Clergy Sexual Misconduct. The letter can be accessed in English and Spanish.


Guidelines for counseling centers connected to congregations.

Renewal Application for Preacher's License

A Rite for the Celebration and Blessing of a Holy Union (Option 1)

A collection of resources for the Feast of St. Francis.

To: The Right Reverend Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop of Olympia
In accordance with the national canons: Canon III, 7b states: “Deacons shall report annually to the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee on their life and work.”

This annual report is for year ending 2018. Please download this form, complete it and submit it no later than March 1, 2019.

The Celebration and Blessing of a Covenant Relationship (Option 2)

Document that may be used after the election of the new members of the Vestry or Bishop's Committee

Letter from Bishop Rickel concerning Episcopal school standards for the diocese

History and curriculum of Total Common Ministry

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These are a series of four videos created by Canticle Communications for the Diocese of Washington.
The speaker is Laura Stump Kennedy, a member of that diocese who used to be a paralegal with Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services.

One pair of videos (English and Spanish) discusses how to support those in danger of deportation.

The visitation customary is designed to help plan for the visit of the Bishops.

The following documents are available for preparation of a Bishop's Visitation in the Diocese of Olympia. Please note that the Planning Form, Readings, and Letters should be sent to the Office of the Bishop 30 days prior to your Visitation.

Contact the Executive Assistant to the Office of the Bishop with any questions: or 206-325-4200 x. 2010.