"Making Room" a Christmas Eve Sermon by The Rev. Canon Lance Ousley was preached at St. John's Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA on Decembert 24, 2015.

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This is an Annual Campaign Plan that centers on the theme of Creation and a recent install of stained-glass windows in the church.  This campaign is well-planned and connects the giving and ministries of this congregation in a visible way.  It is important to plan ahead and be well-organized to have an effective campaign.

This is an Annual Campaign Plan that centers on the themes of Love and Redemption and is tied to the name of the congregation, Church of the Redeemer.  Themes can be a very effective way to reach the heart of your people.  This plan includes the vestry agenda at the end that outlines the points of stewardship and the plan.

These  are sample letters written by a priest in charge of a congregation during the Annual Pledge Campaign segmented into two groups in the congregation, Pledgers and Non-Pledgers.  This letter is not accompanied by a pledge card and a return envelope, because those are distributed during the Sunday morning service on the Pledge Ingathering Date (Commitment Sunday).

Brochure with list of components as "Better Practices" for developing the Stewardship ministry.

Brochure of Seven Spiritual Practices: A Faithful Steward's Guide.

The Online Giving Information Packet is a compilation of several resources we have for Online Giving and establishing this capability for your congregation or organization.

This resource was created from a workshop given by Archbishop Douglas Hambidge addressing stewardship conversations in parish life.  “There is a danger in talking about stewardship – we have so much to unlearn. All too often the mention of stewardship is a prelude to a budget presentation – a deficit – a campaign for pledges.”  This resource gives a path and language to speak about stewardship and giving from a perspective of abundance.  


Bullet points about what stewardship is.

Suggestions for effective stewardship

Talking points on stewardship

Quotes from the Bible and others about stewardship.

Instructions for handling stock gifts to benefit congregations, the diocese, or any Episcopal ministry.

Bishop John and Shirley MacNaughton presented this wonderful resource at a 2010 Stewardship Workshop using scripture as a basis for developing our stewardship stories.  This resources walks you through a helpful process to develop faithful stewardship stories in your community.