Finance & Business

This section contains information on assessments, health insurance and benefits, financial documents for churches, human resources information and salaries and compensation for clergy. The topics on the left are in subcategories for easier search.

Summary of assessments reported and balance due through the current month for diocesan churches

Congregational grades for 2017 for parishes and missions

2017 Parochial Clergy compensation based on congregational grade.

The James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund Report

Diocesan Staff including contact information and areas of responsibility

High deductible health plan and health savings account - information for employees

High deductible plan information for employers

Business methods prescribed for every diocese, parish, mission, and institution subject to the authority of the Episcopal Church

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines that define Small
Employers and who to consider as an employee.

Church Pension Fund checklist of tasks to complete when hiring a new employee.