Eucharistic Visitor Renewal

Eucharistic Visitor is a lay person authorized to take the Consecrated Elements following a Celebration of Holy Eucharist to members of the congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, were unable to be present at the Celebration. A Eucharistic Visitor should normally act under the direction of a Deacon, if available, or other member of the Clergy in that congregation Training (may take place in a congregation, with assistance from diocesan leaders or through diocesan trainings)

Specific requirements for this ministry:
1. Background check

Letter from IntelliCorp
Letter concerning Safeguarding God's People Training
Authorization to Release Information

2.    Completion of Safeguarding God’s People training

3. Understanding of the “Two by two” visitation policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Reserve Sacraments may not be distributed by a deacon or lay minister  within the context of a church service, whether weekday or weekend, when a priest is absent.