Discernment and Vocations

Deadline for Submission of Completed Candidacy Application: Nativity of St. John the Baptist, June 24

Candidacy Day: August 10, 2019

Candidacy is the final canonical phase of formation before ordination. The time frame from nomination to ordination must be at least 18 months.

This application is based on The Episcopal Church canons and material developed by the Diocese of Olympia.

Deadline for Submission of Completed Postulancy Application: Holy Cross Day, September 14

Aspirants Retreat: November 13-15, 2019, Huston Camp & Conference Center, Gold Bar, WA

Canon pertaining to the reception of clergy from other churches

Canon regarding the Episcopal authority, testimonials and vestry's letter of support regarding the ordination process

Canon pertaining to the process of ordaining a deacon

Canon pertaining to the ordination process for priests

A flowchart of the milestones for the deaconal process.

Report form to be used by discernment groups

A list of frequently asked questions concerning the process of discernment for vocation.

A checklist for financial assessment

Postulant financial worksheet

Congregational financial support of candidates

A collection of terms that are used to describe various parts of the discernment process for Holy Orders.

A flowchart of the milestones for the ordination to the priesthood.