Convention Documents

Agenda for the 2018 Convention

Diocesan Canonically Resident Clergy - October 2018

List of delegates and alternates from each church

Vision statement for the Diocese

Once your congregation has held its annual meeting, please submit your 2019 Congregational Leadership Report by completing the form linked below:

Congregational Leadership Report 

Deadline: Reports are due on March 5.

Questions? Contact Matt Koski, Resource Coordinator, at or 206.325.4200 x.2015.

D.2 2018 Resolutions Committee Report to Convention includes resolutions received by the September 11, 45-day-before-convention canonical deadline.

Diocesan Courtesy Resolutions

Report from the Constitution and Canons Committee

The Diocesan Council (DC) is the convention in recess. It has responsibility to oversee the budget and program goals of the Diocese, and to carry out the priorities adopted by convention.

The Board of Directors of the Diocese of Olympia, Inc. (the “Diocese”) has legal and fiduciary responsibility for the assets of the diocese, including land, buildings, endowments and other funds. It is the mission of the Board to manage these assets to further God’s work in this diocese, both now and in the future.

The Board of Directors of the Diocese of Olympia, Inc., recognizes its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders in the James F. Hodges Diocesan Investment Fund (DIF) to be a shareholder advocate of positive investment by the DIF in renewable energies.  As a result, the Board agreed to commission a study of the carbon footprint of DIF investments, and the results of that study are attached in an executive, annotated report.

This report reflects the actions of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Olympia from October 2017 through October 2018

The focus for the Commission in 2018 was to update the diocesan staff personnel manual, and then to turn that manual into a Personnel Manual Template for congregations.

A summary of the work of the Commission on Ministry over the last year.