Annual Report of Deacons - Year Ending 2017

To: The Right Reverend Gregory H. Rickel, Bishop of Olympia
In accordance with the national canons: Canon III, 7b states: “Deacons shall report annually to the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee on their life and work.”

Please submit this form no later than March 1, 2018

The Letter of Renewal information is required for those 72 years of age or older, otherwise select N/A
What diaconal ministry have you been engaged in during the 2015 year: 1) Within the congregation? 2) In the world at large? 3) Specifically regarding our Diocesan three focus areas?
What continuing education events have you participated in during 2015?
What books/articles did you find of particular significance this past year?
What is your hope and vision for fulfilling your Diaconal vocation in 2016 with regard to the questions above?
What other items of interest in your ministry and family would you like to mention from this past year of 2015?
Is there anything else you would wish to add?