2017 Healthcare Options

The Health Plan Enrollment for 2017

To enroll new employees in the health plan, contact Lori Hardow at lhardow@ecww.org or (206) 325-4200 x2018.

Important information about our 2017 health benefits offerings. Share this information with your employees.

We are offering the follow medical plans to our employees through The Episcopal Church Medical Trust:

  • Anthem BCBS EPO80
  • Anthem PPO 80/60
  • Kaiser Permanente EPO 80
  • Anthem BCBS CDHP-20/HSA
  • Anthem BCBS CDHP-15/HSA
  • Anthem PPO 90/70
  • Kaiser CDHP-20/HSA
  • Group Health Coop (HMO)
  • Group Health Coop (PPO)


Side by Side Comparison - Except Group Health
Group Health Plan M811
Group Health Plan M812
2017 Plan Offerings and Rates

In addition, there are three Medicare Supplement Plans for those eligible. For details on these plans, please contact me directly.

We are offering two Cigna Dental Plans, Basic Dental 50/150 and Dental/Ortho 25/75.

For employees who have waived health coverage due to spousal or other qualified coverage, the $5/month EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is available as a stand-alone option. This to provide a wide variety of employee assistance, including behavioral health. This coverage must be paid for by the employer, not deducted from payroll, due to the mandate of the Affordable Care Act. This coverage is automatically included for all employees already on the Diocesan Health Plan. To enroll an employee who has waived other medical coverage, contact me directly. Details about the EAP are available here

Vision Coverage
EyeMed vision is included in all Diocesan Health Plans at no additional charge. An upgraded vision plan is available for an additional premium. The diocese contracts independently with VSP to provide this coverage. The additional premium is $5.80/month for an individual and $12.46/month for a family. This premium will be billed to the parish directly by diocese. To enroll in VSP, contact the diocese. The Member Benefit Summary is available here.

Plan Documents
2017 Summaries of Benefits and Coverage and 2016 Plan Handbooks containing more information about the available plans may be found on the Church Pension Group website. Plan Handbooks will be updated on the website in January 2017. Please remember that you are responsible for providing newly eligible employees a copy of all applicable Summaries of Benefits and Coverage.