2017 Assessment Update

2018 NDI forms will be emailed directly to the parish treasurer/bookkeeper in early January. 

NDI forms and assessment payments are due at the diocese on the 15th of the month. The June report/payment (based on the May data) is due on June 15, etc. The January report/payment is based on the December data from the previous year.

Please put your parish name and four digit church code in the cell in the upper left corner of the NDI form. EMAIL the form to lhardow@ecww.org. Please do not send a paper copy with your check.

The attached file below shows the summary of assessments reported and balance due through the end of the previous month, posted by the 5th of the current month.  Please let the accounting office know if you have emailed your spreadsheet or sent a check that is not reflected here, taking into account mailing time.

An email to accounting office will reach all of us.

Lori Hardow, (206) 325-4200 x 2018, lhardow@ecww.org

Edie Pehrson, (206) 325-4200 x 2038, epehrson@ecww.org