2016 Convention


The 2016 annual convention was held on Friday-Saturday, October 21-22, at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center.

The Diocese of Olympia Convention meets annually to conduct the business of the diocese. It elects to diocesan offices; ratifies a budget; sets assessment levels; admits congregations as missions or parishes; votes on resolutions; elects a General Convention deputation; and hears the bishop’s annual address. Clergy and elected delegates from congregations attend. Convention information is distributed via newsletter and this webpage.

Save the Date: Convention 2017 will be held October 27-28 at the Hilton Vancouver Washington (301 W 6th StVancouver, WA).

Below are some highlights of the 2016 Convention:


More convention photos and stories are posted on the Diocesan Facebook page.

Resolutions & other actions:

  • Resolution #1 (adopted) sets the 2018 diocesan assessment rate at 15% of Net Disposable Income (NDI).
  • Resolution #2 (adopted) sets the cost of living adjustment for 2017 parochial clergy salary scale at 1.8%.
  • Resolution #3 (adopted) calls for a Family Leave Policy providing 12 weeks of leave during a 12-month period to care for a newborn or newly-adopted child; to care for a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent with a serious health condition; or for the employee's own serious health condition when they are unable to perform the functions of the job.
  • Resolution #4 (adopted) calls for a Health Coverage Policy for eligible lay and clergy employees in diocesan congregations and the Office of the Bishop.
  • Courtesy Resolutions (adopted).


Resolutions with Actions

Additional actions:

  • 2017 diocesan operating budget was ratified as presented.
  • Proposed revisions to the Constitution and Canons were adopted as presented.


Awards, recognitions, & addresses

Bishop's Cross Awards:

  • Phyllis Gill, Christ Church, Tacoma
  • Josef Hinkofer, St. Dunstan, Shoreline


Ky Chen Employee Excellence "No Problem" Awards:

  • Deb McGarry, St. James, Kent
  • Ed Skinner, Faith, Poulsbo


Bishop's Preaching Award: the Rev. Karen Haig, St. Thomas, Medina

Bishop's Address: The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel


Elections and Appointments


  • Secretary of Convention: Ms. Karen Gusse
  • Archivist and Records Manager: Ms. Diane Wells
  • Treasurer: Ms. Barbara Fox, St. John, Kirkland  
  • Historiographer: Br. Carle Griffin


Standing Committee

  • The Rev. Helen McPeak, La Iglesia de la Resurreccion / St. Paul, Mt. Vernon
  • Mr. Jim Beckwith, St. Paul, Bellingham


Diocesan Council

  • The Rev. Jedediah Fox, Redeemer, Kenmore, Be Attitudes Regional Ministry
  • The Rev. Bonnie Malone, St. George, Maple Valley, Evergreen Regional Ministry
  • Ms. Jamie Balducci, Epiphany Parish, Seattle, Holy C Regional Ministry
  • Ms. Linda Donato, Christ Church, Anacortes, Mt. Baker Regional Ministry
  • Ms. Joan Collins, St. Barnabas, Bainbridge Island, Peninsula Regional Ministry
  • The Rev. Martin Yabroff, St. Andrew, Tacoma, Rainier Regional Ministry
  • Ms. Jan Akin, St. Benedict, Lacey, Willapa Regional Ministry


General Convention

  • Clergy Deputy 1 & chair: Kate Wesch, Epiphany Parish, Seattle
  • Clergy Deputy 2: Rachel Taber-Hamilton, Trinity Church, Everett
  • Clergy Deputy 3: Steven Thomason, St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle
  • Clergy Deputy 4: Jedediah Fox, Redeemer, Kenmore
  • Clergy Alternate 1: RC Laird, St. John, Olympia
  • Clergy Alternate 2: Kendall Haynes, St. Matthew, Tacoma
  • Clergy Alternate 3: Martin Yabroff, St. Andrew, Tacoma
  • Lay Deputy 1: Judy Andrews, St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle
  • Lay Deputy 2: Rachel Duquette, St. Anne, Washougal
  • Lay Deputy 3: Douglas Oles, Epiphany Parish, Seattle
  • Lay Deputy 4: Kinnon McPeak, St. Paul, Mt. Vernon
  • Lay Alternate 1: Charlotte Brown, St. Joseph-St. John, Lakewood
  • Lay Alternate 2: Sandi Carter, Christ Church, Puyallup
  • Lay Alternate 3: Michael Seewer, St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle
  • Lay Alternate 4: Betty Anne McCoy, Christ Church, Anacortes



  • Chancellor: the Hon. Judy Andrews, Esq.
  • Vice Chancellor: the Hon. Mike Reynvann, Esq.
  • Board of Directors: Mr. Collum Liska, St. Benedict, Lacey; (reappointed); the Rev. Jonathan Weldon, St. Paul, Bellingham (reappointed).
  • Commission on Ministry: the Rev. Cynthia Espeseth, St. Hilda-St. Patrick, Edmonds; Mr. Liberato Arellano, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Seattle; the Rev. Becky Scott, St. Benedict, Lacey (reappointed).
  • Disciplinary Board: the Rev. Peter Strimer, retired; Ms. Candace Weatherby, All Saints, Vancouver; the Rev. Jonathan Weldon, St. Paul, Bellingham.
  • Church Attorney: Mr. Marvin L. Gray, Jr., Church of the Ascension, Seattle.


Reports & Documents

Reports and documents from the 2016 convention are posted below.

Final Agenda Handout for 2016 Convention

Categories: 2016 Convention

This Convention Guide is intended to provide Convention members with practical information concerning the Convention and how it functions.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Parliamentary Procedures for 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

A list of canonically resident clergy by canonical date (as of October 2016).

Categories: 2016 Convention

An overview of transitions since convention 2015.

Categories: 2016 Convention

List of delegates and alternates to the 2016 convention from congregations, as of October 14, 2016.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Facility Layout & Exhibitor List for 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

With a 150-word limit, each candidate was asked to review the job description for the position and discuss how their gifts, experiences, skills, and interests would aid this work, and how they would invigorate and/or stimulate the ministry of the particular diocesan leadership group.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Short-form Nominations Report from the 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

2017 Budget approved by Diocesan Council: The Diocesan Council, at its August 25 meeting, upon recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, adopted a balanced 2017 Diocesan Operating Budget. The Diocesan Council recommends this budget and submits it for ratification at the fall 2016 Diocesan Convention. Please review and/or print and bring a copy of this document with you to both the fall Pre-Convention Gatherings and the Diocesan Convention. Proposed amendments to this budget must be submitted through the resolutions process by the September 6 canonical deadline.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Liturgies from the 2016 Diocesan Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Provides details and overview of the workshops offered on Friday, October 21, onsite at the convention. Workshops are free and open to all.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Resolutions Committee 2016 Report to Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Courtesy Resolutions from the 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Committee Report for Constitution and Canons in 2016

Categories: 2016 Convention

Report of the Committee on Privilege from the 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention

Evalutaion form for the 2016 Convention.

Categories: 2016 Convention