Clergy Days 2017

There are two more clergy days set for 2017. They are Sept. 28th and Nov 9th.

Clergy Day on September 28 at Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver

Lunch Provided. Register here.

These workshops will be lead by the Rev. John G. Lewis, D.Phil and Interim Director of Formational Outreach at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Morning Session 10:00-12:45

Vocations for All God's People
Vocation, or calling, signifies the means by which God reaches out to enlist each of us and our congregations in helping enact God's love and care for the whole creation. Vocational discernment is not just the product of a deep and personal interior life, but also the fruit of community conversation and discernment. In this session we will consider a biblically-grounded model for discerning the vocation of individuals developed by St. Benedict's Workshop in its work with members of its Workshop community. Then, we will examine different strategies and practices for how we might gather communities of calling to discern the various ways God is calling us as individuals and congregations to respond to the needs of our world in our diverse local contexts.

Lunch 12:45-1:30pm. 

Please be sure to RSVP here to reserve your lunch.

Afternoon Session 1:30-4:00

Legacy Leadership According to the Apostle Paul
In the "Spirituality in the Workplace" course at Seminary of the Southwest, we address the spiritual dimensions of work, the kinds of actions and perspectives that shape the ethos of particular workplaces, and the effects of different kinds of leadership on the development of organizational culture and the spiritual growth of people who work there. We engage these subjects in a multi-disciplined way, drawing from biblical exegesis and sociological perspectives. In this session we will explore the spiritual leadership of the apostle Paul through a close reading of 1 Thessalonians 1:1-2:12 and certain sociological principles outlined in a 2005 article from The Leadership Quarterly. In the course of the presentation, we will present a model of spiritual leadership grounded in the transformed lives of the leader's followers and discuss how this model might shape leadership in today's rapidly changing church and culture.


John G. Lewis is an Episcopal priest and New Testament scholar. He serves as Interim Director of Formational Outreach at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, overseeing the seminary's non-degree programs that include non-residential clergy training through the Iona Initiative, clergy continuing education, and lay spiritual formation across the wider church. Since 2001 John has also been Co-Director of St. Benedict's Workshop, a non-profit ministry based in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. The Workshop equips individuals and communities to use the Bible for practicing discernment and discipleship in daily life and nurtures their transformation over time into the image of Christ. The Workshop helps individuals, congregations, and church leaders connect scripture, faith, and experience in daily life. John also serves the Diocese of West Texas as Dean of Examining Chaplains and Missioner for Christian Formation.
John received his M.Div. degree from Virginia Theology Seminary (1997) and a D.Phil. degree in New Testament from the University of Oxford (2004). Before entering ordained ministry, John was a practicing trial lawyer in a large San Antonio law firm, including four years as the firm's managing partner.




Clergy Day on November 9 at St. Columba, Kent/Des Moines

Social Media and Telling Our Stories 9:30am-4:30pm

Morning Session, Part 1 - Websites and Facebook Pages: Our Digital Signposts
A church's website and Facebook page have become essential for making a first impression on a visitor and providing continuing information for the members of your community. Explore the key elements of an effective website and public Facebook page and gain tools to keep your digital presence timely and relevant.

Morning Session, Part 2 - Special Events: Reaching Beyond Our Walls
We all have special events happening within our communities and want to spread the word so we can reach out to those beyond our wall. This session will help you get the most out of event registration services like Eventbrite and give you the tools to promote events within your community, the surrounding neighborhood, and across the diocese.

Lunch is between 12:30 and 1:30pm.

Afternoon Session, Part 1 - Telling Our Story
Across our diocese, there are churches and ministries engaged in work that is making a tremendous impact within their communities. How do we tell those stories? This session will explore telling our stories through articles, images, press releases, and videos - providing basic tools and skills so that anyone can craft a compelling story about their ministry.

Afternoon Session, Part 2 - Sharing Our Story
Telling our stories effectively is only one part of the equation - we also have to share these stories with the wider community. The day's final session will explore ways to effectively share our stories across digital platforms - social media, websites, newsletter - and in the press and media.